How to Get Things Done: Save Time

How to get things done effectively?
First you need to list all the things you need to do. Then you need to classify them into simple tasks, things to do such as shopping, housekeeping, phoning, and things for which you need to be inspired, such as creative writing, designing a plan, blueprinting a project in your mind. There are also things you need to do but hate doing. List them all. You do this to have a complete picture of what you need/have to do.
It works like this:
a) If you wake up with the energy to do some of the simple tasks, and don’t feel inspired to be creative, start by doing the things you hate first, so you get them out of the way: tick quickly the simple and boring/annoying boxes of your list.
While doing them, your brain is working freely and using its unused capacity, and you may feel inspired to start creating, so as soon as you finish the boring tasks, you feel like jumping headlong to sit down to write, draw, or whatever, with an idea in your mind already blueprinted. My brain is happy with providing me the material to run away from the unwanted tasks, and so I prefer to do abstract work rather than doing, say, housekeeping, calling distant relatives for their birthdays or checking my finances.
b) If you wake up feeling creative or inspired by a dream, you can jump straight onto it without guilt of neglecting the simple chores, because, of course, creators need to be indulged in their inspiration and insight, you can’t cut the stream of creative moments, which are few and precious.
After you’ve worked hard squeezing your creative juices, you might feel like taking a step back to change perspective and have a more mundane view, and what best than taking on the nasty laundry that’s lying there? Or recycling/composting?
This way you’ve done at least one thing dreaded but necessary, and also attempted something creative in a short time, in an almost overlapping period.
The alternation of these chores with imaginative raptures can work wonders, especially if you’re your own boss, helping you avoid too long periods of daydreaming, while society and duty call to your door and you pretend you’re not at home.
Creativity works in bursts, so permanent geniality is not possible, try as you might; you have to give your brain time to refuel ideas and concoct new schemes. While it does, check your list, choose the most awful task, do it first: you’ll hate it so much that you’ll be craving to sit down again and be creative for a while. And then take a break from the drawing board and back to the world for a while. At the end of the day you’ll have a nice mixture of activities and genialities to show your family or friends, like an accomplished magician or artist.

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AngloExperience, Smart Grammar, Life & Community Coach, Live Anfield, Destination Anfield.
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