How to Manage your Resources Effectively

Achieve more by doing less.’ This axiom, which sounds ridiculously contradictory or idealistic, is based on the wise implementation of the resources every human being possesses.
Example: most of what we do is the repetition of a technique learned long time ago, which doesn’t require our full attention; we are far from using the brain’s full capacity while performing our daily tasks.
When you’re having a shower, mowing the lawn, commutting, your brain is largely idle, and craving for something to compute, to imagine or speculate about. Give it your doubts, uncertainties, challenges and problems! Do not worry about things your intellect is incapable of solving; give it to the dormant genius in the Unconscious mind, who will offer you the best possible solution, while you’re flexing your muscles.
When you have sorted out the urgent ‘messes’, you’ll have time and energy to devote to the important things in your life, thus achieving more by doing less.

About Alfonso Vonscheidt

AngloExperience, Smart Grammar, Life & Community Coach, Live Anfield, Destination Anfield.
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