How to Plan: Smartly or Obsessively?

There’s a difference between planning smartly and planning obsessively. The middle point is gathering all the information you can about a topic, talking to the relevant people, visiting the websites and making notes of everything, your expectations, hopes and impressions, and filing them, giving your mind the chance of working out the best plan of action according to your possibilities. When you get the ‘eureka’ moment of inspiration, you simply have to open your folder, check, verify and compare with your insight, and start moving motivated and inspired by your intuition and the computing power of your unconscious mind.
Try as you might, sometimes ruminating, calculating, speculating, don’t take you too far; instead you should have all the data available to provide your mind with information, so you can then start working with assertiveness, and the confidence that you are treading safe territory, when you put the first gear.

About Alfonso Vonscheidt

AngloExperience, Smart Grammar, Life & Community Coach, Live Anfield, Destination Anfield.
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