How to be Happy, Viable and Secure

A bit of exercising now: can you answer the following questions? I bet you’ve never done it before!

1)      This is what (I think) would make me happy:
2)      This is what I need to afford my living:
3)      This is how I will secure my living:

Careful with question 1: What we think makes us happy, may not make us happy at all, once we get it.
Questions 2 & 3 seem similar, and we tend to mix them up. What you need to afford your living is: your bills paid, your health looked after, problems held at bay; I’m not talking about money here, but of the boxes you need to tick.
The way you will secure your living, refers to the means/sources: paid job, unexpected inheritance, divine intervention.
How do answers 2 & 3 relate to answer 1?
There are no right or wrong answers: just see what you find out about yourself!


About Alfonso Vonscheidt

AngloExperience, Smart Grammar, Life & Community Coach, Live Anfield, Destination Anfield.
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