Choice or Decision?

Some opine that to make a dream come true, you have to very precise about the details of what you want: what, why, where, when, how, whom. Others believe you have to simply outline the dream and let the universe find out for you the best routes towards its realisation.

I know that the ‘computing’ capacity of people to deal with other people, variables and circumstances is not enough or we still haven’t developed the ability to use it wisely and effectively, except perhaps a few characters in history, and even from those ones, I would suspect there was a bit of embellishment along the way. There are many factors in the equation, at different levels, dimensions and depths, and sometimes our dream gets very close to be a miracle, not impossible but highly unlikely, which doesn’t mean we need to ditch the dream, but up the ante with the resources and plans for the execution.

What has worked for me is taking the necessary time to narrow the vision and focus it into an idea, a ‘laser-beam’ drill able to cut any material, a dream that can be easily recalled and visualised, symbolised in a picture, a sentence, an object. It’s not the wishful thinking of spending a week in a sandy and sunny beach, which indeed might be the case, by focussing on a picture of the paradisiacal resort on the other side of the planet, but something that requires a bit of dedication, learning and training until it gets a habit.

The realistic vision of what, who and where you are now, will allow you to establish a starting point for where you may want to go, or who you want to become. What you are is always the same; but you can always make changes to your circumstances and destinations. Knowing where you are standing, you can relax and choose the way you want to feel. Not that you will start feeling like that immediately, but the start is knowing how you want to feel. Happy? Accomplished? Fulfilled? Acknowledged?

That feeling will be essential for the development of your dream into a reality. You’ve probably had a few feelings to choose from; so you had to decide between them. That’s the pecking order then: choice and decision. From here onwards, all is downhill.

With the choice about how we want to feel, and the decision to do something about it, we have to relax and let inspiration come to us. When inspiration draws the outline, the general map of the situation, we might feel compelled to move towards taking the first step, the first one of the journey of the thousand miles; we might feel motivated. When we are motivated, there’s nothing that can stop us, neither energy, nor thoughts, nor people, nor circumstances. Things will not bend to our path, of course, what I mean is we won’t feel tired, or deterred, or influenced by the opinions, criticisms or judgements of others. We will find the energy, the courage, the resolution, the drive, coming from inside, even when we might be at the verge of exhaustion, to keep going, no matter the hunger, the lack of sleep or the scarcity of resources.

And trusting the power of our unconscious mind, to work out the masterplan, and the best paths and timetables towards our feeling, we just have to lay back, relax and watch the show of our dream coming true. There’s not much more we can do; we have to accept that we can’t deal with so many factors in the world. We have to trust in our inner abilities and the abundant resources available in the universe to come together to paste into our dream.

Making an informed choice, taking the right decision, is enormously liberating, because it frees your mind, gets you inspiration in the right direction, motivates you, and empowers you, to the point of miracle-making, which is nothing else than making the impossible, possible, with controlled power and wisdom.


The problem is we usually put in the table the wrong options, so we make false choices, and the decision comes out naturally wasted.

The feeling of, for example, peace of mind, has to do with adding some simplicity to our lifestyles, relationships, aspirations. If we are not ready to give up some glitz or glamour or keeping up with the Joneses, peace of mind will slip through our finger tips, until we are truly able to just drop everything, relax and have a good laugh at ourselves.


About Alfonso Vonscheidt

AngloExperience, Smart Grammar, Life & Community Coach, Live Anfield, Destination Anfield.
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