Financial Projects for Citizens

Financial Capability Projects across the country are intended for citizens, to help them manage their money and pay their bills, avoiding the state trouble and grief.

Most of potential beneficiaries won’t touch those projects with a barge pole, and I believe it’s because they feel a priori defeated by circumstances, chronic frustration, and disappointment. They can’t engage with current demands and procedures; they haven’t got inspiring role models, they aren’t encouraged or supported at a personal level to become responsible, accountable, or aware of the consequences of mismanagement of financial resources, that cost so much to themselves, society, and tax-payers.

The common phrase that defines downtrodden citizens is ‘What for?’, which goes against the trend of striving individuals, communities and significant sectors of the population of the UK, nationals or foreigners. Every ‘What for?’ is a door closed to growth and development for a British born and bred citizen, and a gateway for immigrants with hunger and thirst for achievement and success.

The challenge is turning around ‘What for?’ into ‘Yes, please’, through adding value, meaning, purpose, and legacy to the lives of people and communities, thus increasing self-esteem, maximisation of resources, fairer distribution of wealth.

Straightforward ‘Money Management’ should be the brand to present people in trouble or at the verge of getting into; no euphemisms or patronising, but a clear and powerful message, for people who are not stupid, but who don’t see the point of making changes or improvements to their lifestyle.

Call me naïve, or idealistic; I call myself an Inspiralist. I believe and advocate for inspiring, encouraging, stretching, expanding/enhancing, and supporting, people’s potential, skills and abilities. I’ve had mine underdeveloped and unexploited, and I’m not happy with passing that feeling on to present or future generations, and I’m convinced that denying development and satisfaction to young people is what causes regression, resentment, and falling into the despair that makes them want to join the forces of evil, wherever they dwell.

I don’t want to join yet another group or organisation of well intended but inefficient do-gooders, in the best of cases, or just profit seekers in the worst. I want to make a difference. I leave good intentions, procedures, and baby-steps to middle managers; my changes aim at the core of problems, not to their image, reflexion or consequences.

Inspiraling means going to the centre of an issue, dismantle it with scientific precision, and rebuild it into something manageable, with love and compassion.

Inspiraling is the interface between soul and technology. Current approaches don’t believe in people, but in extracting and processing their personal data, to feed a central information machinery, which catalogues citizens to justify social, financial and political policies of (damage) control.

The ‘machine’ doesn’t care about individuals; I do, and I believe that effective changes start at individual level, what which makes us human and unique, beyond state policies. The biggest advances in (wo)mankind have started at individual level, by word of mouth, at the side of a mount, at the shore of a lake, from a spinning wheel, from the bench of a Parliament; they did not come down like divine revelation from some big business board of directors.

Work on the heart of people with love and care. Pascal, Einstein, Sagan, discovered this at the height of their careers: if love is not the inspiration for a social policy to improve individual change, keep your millions and projects in a safe. Spreadsheets and presentations will be perceived as good as a toxic mushroom cloud by the ordinary Terry.


About Alfonso Vonscheidt

AngloExperience, Smart Grammar, Life & Community Coach, Live Anfield, Destination Anfield.
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