Cutting the PaperCrap

We live surrounded by PaperCrap: unwanted leaflets, offers and subscriptions, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, manuals, and guides. The problem, though, is that important letters, notices, bills, updates, notifications, may pass unnoticed in the sea of PaperCrap, and land us into trouble.
Another big issue we all hate, is budgetting our income/outgoing: it’s a tedious, boring, unappealing task, but one which tells us what our reality is, and where we are standing at a financial level, whether we are employed, unemployed, freelance, or traders.
And for those who have had to borrow, and are struggling to sort themselves out, getting conscious of the debt and options is very important to start lifting the head from the sand, and moving on.
Cut the redtape in your life and sort the flipping mess! Join our meetings: bring your bags of PaperCrap and make sense of them, feeling less lonely, or bored to death, sifting through dates, deadlines, questionnaires, and forms.
Stop the PC on its tracks! And leave happily ever after.


About Alfonso Vonscheidt

AngloExperience, Smart Grammar, Life & Community Coach, Live Anfield, Destination Anfield.
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